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COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol


 Five Star Luxury Travel is committed to the health and safety of our guests. We have incorporated COVID-19 cleaning and safety measures to ensure our guests enjoy a wonderful and memorable experience.  


We are following the latest government issued guidelines. 

Cleaning and Safety Guidelines

Step 1: Clean


Remove germs and dirt from surfaces. Use a soapy cloth with antibacterial to wipe off kitchen counters and stovetops. Before sanitizing the entire space housekeepers:

  • Dust, sweep or vacuum all floors.

  • Clean or mop hard surfaces (such as walls and flooring) with water and antibacterial soap.

  • Wash all dishes and laundry.

  • Empty all garbage cans and line with fresh bags.

Step 2: Sanitize


During this step, we require housekeepers to sanitize all high-touch surfaces. For example, spraying chemical disinfectants on doorknobs, light switches, and cabinets. During the sanitize phase, housekeepers must:

  • Spray high-touch surfaces in each room with a disinfectant spray.

  • Let the disinfectant stand for the length of time specified on the product label.

  • Allow the surface to air-dry.

Step 3: Reset

To help prevent cross-contamination, it's important to finish cleaning and sanitizing a room before resetting it for the next guest. During the reset stage, housekeepers must:

  • Wash their hands and put on clean gloves before refilling any guest supplies, towels, or linens.

  • When they finish sanitizing and resetting a room, they will close the door and disinfect the doorknob. Once sanitized, seal the door to not allow re-entry into the space until the nect guest arrives.

  • Safely dispose of or wash cleaning supplies and protective gear.

  • Empty and sanitize the vacuum cleaner after every cleaning.

Protective Gear Used

Disposable gloves (one pair for every room in the property)

Disposable mask for facial covering


Supplies Left For Guest Use

Disposable face masks

Disposable gloves

Disposable paper towels

Toilet paper

Multi-surface antibacterial cleaner

Disinfectant wipes or spray

Antibacterial hand sanitizer (spray and gel)

Extra hand soap

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